Enduring engagements at work begin with Belbin.

“I feel so suffocated. This new boss is a bull in a china shop. Always aggressive, patience is not in his lexicon. He’s really getting on my nerves!” confided Raj to Raman his Consultant.

“I thought you were getting along very well with Bala.. how did things change?”

“Well, three months ago Bala moved on, and Ajay moved in, moving out my peace of mind”
After the 5 minute conversation, Raj seemed a transformed person. He told his wife “I realize I shouldn’t exit, just because I don’t know how to engage”

What was their conversation?

“Well, three months ago Bala moved on, and Ajay moved in, moving out my peace of mind”, said Raj.
“Not surprising” said Raman “I know the three of you well enough to say that. Three high potential leaders with diverse behavioral orientations.. Am sure you are out of touch with your Belbin, Raj”.

There was thoughtful silence on the other end.

“In Belbin Team Role parlance, you are a classic Belbin Plant & Specialist, and Bala a versatile Belbin Implementer & Co-ordinator. Your Plant always felt listened to, by Bala’s Co-ordinator. And his Implementer just took your Specialist as gospel. That was cosy for both of you”

“Raman, I must acknowledge your expertise with Belbin. Ok, what has upset that apple cart?”

“Well, Ajay’s Belbin Shaper may have no patience to listen to your Belbin Plant ideas. And your Belbin Specialist may have no interest in the gregarious talkativeness of his Belbin Resource Investigator”

“How did you know, Raman? It is as if you have been as insider watching our behavior”

“That’s Belbin. Not me. Belbin IS the gold standard in enhancing behavioral contributions at work. Simple awareness of our behavioral tendencies in Belbin lingo, begins to transform relationships at work! Ok.. Now coming to the point.. Are you serious about why you called me?”

“Belbin always makes me think. Let me try and remember that one liner you had for Shapers like Ajay.. you said – A Shaper boss can twist you out of shape when he comes in.. that’s his way of sizing up things, and shaping them up”. May be I must try and bring my Implementer forward for some time, till Ajay settles down.. and then slowly let his Resource Investigator tango with my Plant”.

“Sounds a good way to start!” said Raman “By the way, how is Nithya settling down?”

“Am so glad you mentioned Nithya. She has been struggling with Ajay as well. Let me get her Belbin individual report done, and then do her Working Relationship Report with Ajay. Do I remember my Belbin well?”

“Of course, you do!” said Raman, adding as he always did before he hung up.

“Those who believe in well begun is half done, always begin with Belbin. Cheers!”

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