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You’ve been at it for 2 to 5 years, and want to break away from the routine,
You wanna reach out, influence, grow a business, from Bangalore
You like selling... in flexi-work, gig-work, entrepreneurial style


If that sounds like you, may be we should talk!
You will sell BELBIN to your community… L&D, HR & Businesses, F2F and virtually
Your L&D experience will be useful to both speak the same language as well as sell


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We’re a small ambitious agile and experienced team at CERT INDIA – The Belbin Expert
We transform performance of people and teams @ work
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"Chiranjeevi Bhava" Dr Meredith Belbin!

'Thank you' are two small words to express our gratitudes to you on your 98th Birthday (4th Jun 2024), for having touched our lives so deeply!

We pray for your long happy healthy life!
Stay blessed!

Why nurture remarkable teams?

Over decades, our quest for high performance at work has hinged on an elusive search for the perfect individual. We want someone who is.. highly intelligent and practical, forceful and sensitive to people's feelings, fluent communicator and a good listener, decisive and reflective. While no individual can combine all these diverse conflicting qualities, a high performing team of individuals certainly can, and often does. High Performing Teams can be repositories of shared experience. As incumbents leave and new people come in, this repository continues to evolve. Remarkable teams respond to change faster, make leaner Organizations, and achieve remarkable results

Welcome to CERT INDIA - Your Center of Excellence for Remarkable Teams. Thanks to the BELBIN Team Role Methodology

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What are Belbin Team Roles?

The nine BELBIN Team Roles

What are Belbin Team Roles ?


Strengths: Challenging, dynamic, goal oriented, has drive and courage
Allowable Weaknesses: Prone to provocation, Often offends peoples feelings


Strengths: Single minded, motivated by the pursuit of knowledge
Allowable Weaknesses: Contributes on a narrow front, dwells on technicalities

Monitor Evaluator

Strengths: Logical, analytical, discerning, judges accurately
Allowable Weaknesses: Lacks drive and ability to inspire others


Strengths: Creative, imaginative, unorthodox, solves difficult problems
Allowable Weaknesses: Ignores incidentals, too pre-occupied to communicate effectively

Team Worker

Strengths: Cooperative, caring, diplomatic, sensitive, a good listener, averts friction
Allowable Weaknesses: Indecisive when faced with tough decisions


Strengths: Calm, confident, clarifies goals, promotes participative decision making
Allowable Weaknesses: Can be seen as manipulative, off-loads personal work

Resource Investigator

Strengths: Extrovert, enthusiastic, communicative, explores opportunities, develops contacts
Allowable Weaknesses: Over-optimistic, loses interest once initial enthusiasm has passed

Completer Finisher

Strengths: Accurate, conscientious, meticulously prevents errors
Allowable Weaknesses: Inclined to worry unduly, reluctant to delegate


Strengths: Disciplined, organised, efficient, turns ideas Into actions
Allowable Weaknesses: Somewhat inflexible, slow to respond to new possibilities

Belbin Accreditation

The Belbin Accreditation Course:

The 16 Hour Online Instructor Led BELBIN Accreditation Course is ideal for People Professionals who will be using BELBIN Team Roles with individuals and teams, or who will be teaching the model. The course addresses 4 main areas:

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