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CERT Team Development (India) P Ltd was established in 2005 with a purpose to provide consultancy, training and distribution services for the full range of Belbin products and materials. We help people get their Belbin Profiling done and assist them with an interpretation of their Belbin Report. We provide one to one support in internalizing and leveraging Belbin for improving one's effectiveness at work.. as an individual and as a team member. We conduct Belbin Accreditation training, leadership and team-building training at all levels from shop floor to executive teams.

As we enter a new decade, our new logo reflects our renewed commitment to partner with the Indian industry in transforming the performance of individuals and teams through the power of Belbin Methodology. We work with astute people professionals who as independent consultants or as corporate leaders strive to leverage the power of teams for the sustainable and enduring success of their Organizations. We will add value to the process of competence building of individuals and teams at India Inc.

Our Values | Our Leadership

Our CREED values have been our compass since inception. Ravi Sundaram our Founder Director and our team of BELBIN Accredited Consultants take pride in living our CREED. What is CREED? Here is how Ravi articulated these timeless values, when we got started.

Ravi has three decades of rich experience in working with discerning business leaders worldwide. He founded CERT INDIA, out of a sheer passion to help Corporate India make the most of their people and teams. Ravi has worked closely with Dr Meredith Belbin, Barrie Watson and the senior leadership at Belbin UK. He is certified to conduct Belbin Accreditation Training. A distinguished alumnus of NIT Tiruchi and IIM(A), Ravi is also the Managing Director of Mercuri Goldmann (India) P Ltd.

Ravi with Team BELBIN in the UK

Why CERT India?

6 reasons why you should choose CERT India to transform the performance of your people and teams


Unmatched Experience

15 Years of partnership with Belbin in India | Consultants with 10 to 20 years of experience before coming to CERT India | Training & Consulting experience across industries & geographies.


Unmatched Expertise

Over 300 accreditations by CERT India | A large number of Professionals trained on Belbin Team Role Methodology | Rigorous learning of Belbin concepts and applications directly from Dr. Meredith Belbin | Stringent standards for certification of internal consultants ensuring the highest quality of training and consulting.


Unmatched training concept, construct, design & delivery

The power of Belbin Methodology | Global know-how sharing | Innovative customized design & delivery | Rigor in training for Belbin appreciation, application and accreditation.


Unmatched Post Work Support

Tools to trigger implementation | Implementation Review and Support Meetings | Tele - support | Performance Consulting Expertise


Unmatched Customer Engagement

Driven by our CREED Values | Deeper interactions | Leadership team involvement | Demonstrated expertise to add value


Unmatched Back-end Support

Long tenure with CERT India | Quality in the genes | Expertise to support Customer Staff in using Interplace Software

When you choose CERT India you choose Belbin - The Gold Standard method to discovering your behavioral contributions at work, and to leverage the power of teams in transforming the performance of your Organization. Nobody is perfect but a team can be.

Our Clients

Our Clients reinforce our bone-deep belief that a team, not an individual is the instrument of sustainable and enduring change in the workplace, irrespective of geographies, cultures, industries, and vagaries in the environment. Here are a few selected engagements, just to illustrate the width and depth of our engagement with India Inc. in leveraging the power of Belbin Team Roles:

An IT solution company uses Belbin for Project Team Formation and Customer Engagement.

A large manufacturing company uses Belbin for building productive one on one working relationships.

A large IT service company uses Belbin as part of Leadership Development.

A reputed brand in commercial transport uses Belbin for Strategic Visioning and Business Performance Improvement.

A well known innovative organisation uses Belbin for Leadership Team Alignment and a quantum leap in Performance

A large India based joint venture in the business of media and entertainment uses Belbin across the organisation for selection of people, establishing cross-functional teams and day to day communication for effectiveness.

A well-known premier qualitative market research organisation uses Belbin for improving the working and performance of their Board of Directors and matching people to jobs.

An international pharmaceutical company uses Belbin for the effective and productive working of the top management leadership team.

A large beverage organisation uses Belbin to recast the entire sales and marketing organisation.

A construction equipment company uses Belbin to bring a culture of building high-performance teams.

A technology company in the building industry has set up a Belbin based executive coaching system for quantum growth.

A well known Indian hospitality chain uses Belbin for people effectiveness.

A leading multinational in the heavy engineering and instrumentation domain uses Belbin to reorganize themselves into a community of teams that execute faster and with greater precision.

A global leader in eye care uses Belbin to grow the productivity of their R&D Teams across the world.

Nobody is perfect but a team can be.

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