Customised Solutions in transforming performance of people and teams, leveraging the power of Belbin Team Role Methodology.. Specially crafted for Clients by CERT India

  • Do you feel that your Teams are capable of delivering more than they do, and do you want to place your finger on what is it that they should do differently?
  • When did it last happen that a highly potential new hire turned out to be a disappointment, because he or she could not 'fit-in'?
  • Are you missing out on Project Management Timelines and deliverables because of 'softer issues' which you want to get your arms around?

Seen from L to R : Malathy, Dr Belbin and Ravi - at the Belbin Symposium in Cambridge, UK

These are among examples of Team Performance Issues we have helped our Clients resolve. More than ten years of dedication to improving Team Performance in the workplace reinforces our belief in the dictum 'Nobody is perfect, but a team can be'.

Over time, we have evolved a 4 step process that we call DOCS – Diagnose, Orient, Check, Sustain.  

The CERT INDIA DOCS Process 'works' across functions, levels, industries and geographies. Here is how it works in the context of embedding Team Performance Excellence:

The CERT India process to embed Team Performance Excellence


Engagement with key stakeholders aimed at:

  • Identifying the real issues which impact the team performance
  • Identifying the organizational & individual factors in a broad way
  • Zeroing in on the need for the team thinking, team chemistry & team behavior
  • Understanding the vision of the team


A 2 - 3 day offsite BELBIN Team Role Workshop:

Building a high-performance Team:

  • Learning the belbin language
  • Appreciate behavioral perference of each team member, and the possibilities in leveraging the diversity therein
  • Action Planning for improving induvidual personal effectiveness
  • Identity short term team projects that helps practice 'teaming' - the new learing


A mid-term team review of projects, covering:

  • Personal effectiveness & changes in personal behavior, and its impact on individual performance
  • Opportunities in expanding one's reportoire of behaviors in contributing better as an individual
  • Revisit Action Plans for individual personal effectiveness, if necessary
  • Identity opportunities in collaboration, that can accelerate team performance.
  • FAQs


A team review of completed projects, covering:

  • Changes in team behavior, and its impact on team performance
  • Further opportunities in collaborations, that can accelerate performance
  • Create a Team Performance Dashboard for self and collective monitoring.
  • FAQs
  • Pick another set of projects that help deepen and sustain the practice of new behaviours.[Back to last bullet in 'Orient' ]

Our Consulting work spans organizations large and small, in India and abroad, with the C-Level and across the hierarchy, to address today’s hot priorities including:

  • Team Building and Performance improvement
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management
  • Managing Conflict
  • Recruiting the most ‘suitable fit’ – Internally, externally and on campus

If you sense a need or an opportunity to transform performance of people and teams, and want to explore how you can make that change happen, we look forward to hearing from you.

Let's transform performance of people and teams . Let's make BELBIN happen!


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Incompany Training Courses

Our InCompany Training Courses help address specific people development priorities, towards transformation of individual and team performance.

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BELBIN Reports

BELBIN Reports capture our behavioral preferences, identifying which combination of the Team Roles we exhibit, as individuals and teams.

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BELBIN is the gold standard in building high performing teams. The BELBIN Accreditation Open Course provides an opportunity for participants to learn the BELBIN language and methodology in a structured rigorous way, in cohorts of learners from diverse industries...

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There are a range of books available to complement your understanding and practical application of Belbin Team Roles.

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Belbin Reports

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