Are you -

- A Parent eager to help your Teens make confident career choices?

- A Career Counsellor wondering why highly potential teens struggle to find campus experiences and career choices, that expand and strengthen their sense of self?

- A Campus Recruiter puzzled at how quickly young talent gets disengaged, with a placement that was seen as exciting? 

- A Teen who feels like - "I must have chosen a different project, a different team to be on" or "I must not have volunteered to do the indepth project research.. boring!  May be I would have done better to prepare the project report!" or "Should I follow my parents, my teachers, my friends or my own preferences, in what campus discipline or career placement I should choose" ?   

Given the myraid of opportunities in careers and the unlimited potential available in campus, it is quite a challenging task, in match making, for both the recruiter, and the recruited. How to make that 'most suitable' choice?  

Say hello, to Belbin GetSet! 


How about helping young people, students in their late teens to understand and expand their behavioral preferences? Self Awareness for the young?

BELBIN GetSet is a simple online questionnaire which the young can take as a self-assessment, and ask for feedback from their friends, which when put together in the BELBIN Interplace tool, generates their BELBIN GetSet Report and Workbook. ( Click to download a free sample )

BELBIN GetSet offers young aspirants a language in which to discover and describe the unique contributions they can make in a place of learning, or at work, in ways that educators and recruiters can appreciate.

BELBIN GetSet helps students on campus pick and choose appropriate roles in project teams, in study groups and in extra-curricular domains, which help make, showcase and enhance their best contributions.The language fosters complementarity of diverse behaviors in study groups, leading to greater width and depth of perspective in school and university while preparing young aspirants to make the most of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In a very Indian context, BELBIN Getset provides a language that helps career counsellors, parents and children converse to understand and appreciate career choices based on a narrative around what is most 'suitable to the child', rather than just most 'profitable'. 


As a language and a lens that enables the young make better sense of the uniqueness bestowed in themselves, in others, and therefore the possibilities in being of value, BELBIN GetSet helps the young make the most of :

  • Placement Campus interviews and Group Discussions
  • Showcasing their uniqueness in write-ups when making education and job applications
  • Choosing appropriate roles in group study and extra-curricular forums
  • Learning how to build strong interpersonal relationships, engaging with peers who they might have been uncomfortable getting along with
  • Positioning themselves competitively in the eyes of campus recruiters, talking themselves into roles to which they can make their best contributions
  • Intentionally picking projects that challenge them to explore their least preferred behaviors
  • Learning to contribute in Teams.. preparing themselves to succeed in the workplace
  • Converse confidently, with their parents, counsellors and mentors around why they prefer a certain career, and how it suits their behavioral preferences. 

Just download a GetSet Sample Report – It's free


Behaviors create impact. In a world where functional competence is and will be constantly challenged by technology, leveraging ones behavioral edge is key to sustainable success. As Dr. Meredith Belbin says often, "All of us are capable of all 9 Team Roles". The earlier in life we start building this capability, the better off we are. BELBIN GetSet is an initiative in this direction.

BELBIN GetSet helps youngsters aged 14 to 19, in making the most suitable choices while learning on campus and while positioning themselves during placement. In doing so, it:

  1. Enables learning and career choices that accelerate personal and professional growth, potentially preventing many a 'quarter-life crisis'.
  2.  Helps recruiters on and off campus to place fresh hires in roles that allow them to blossom, enriching themselves and the role itself, thereby raising the bar on the effectiveness of that job role. No more square pegs in round holes.
  3. Makes it possible for Talent Managers to 'catch them young'.. identify and groom leadership through a well-understood talent pipeline, that offers truly individualised development paths.
  4.  Gives parents and well-wishers the confidence in leading and supporting the child's choice of a career path.


BELBIN GetSet is the language and the methodology to discover, communicate and develop one's behavioral preferences. Much like going to a gym to use and strengthen as many muscles as one can. Behaviors are muscles too, that strengthen with use.

BELBIN GetSet can immensely benefit the young, and everyone in the Talent Supply Chain from Career Guidance Counsellors and Soft Skills Trainers in schools and colleges, to Campus Recruiters in workplaces, who touch the lives of the young by:

BELBIN GetSet is for those who believe in the enormous possibilities that await the young who get to live their potential.. parents, teachers, professors, counsellors, recruiters, hiring managers and business leaders. And, most importantly the young aspirants themselves. 

So, let's help our young people in raising the bar on their wellness, self-confidence, campus performance, and career choices!

1. Hey boys & girls! Get your GetSet Report

GetSet is the BELBIN Report and Workbook for the young aged 14 – 19, to learn about themselves and their behaviors, giving them the confidence to project themselves in a positive way, in academic and extra-curricular projects during school, and career conversations during campus placements.

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2. Learn BELBIN GetSet from its experts .

The BELBIN GetSet Training Course is specially designed for the young aged 14 – 19, who have done their BELBIN GetSet Reports & Workbook. The course is meant to get the young started on a journey to improved self-confidence, wellbeing, and making a positive first impression.

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