Getting it right: copyright matters.

Have you ever completed a Belbin questionnaire but didn’t get a detailed .pdf report with your results? Have you ever added up the scores yourself? You may have seen or found a document that claims to be a Belbin test.

If so you were probably breaking Belbin’s copyright and you definitely missed out on the real Belbin. 

So what’s the difference?

Belbin questionnaires can only be completed through our purpose built computer system, which analyses the results, comparing your scores to thousands of others and taking in the feedback of your colleagues for a full 360 degree view. We produce a detailed, unique and informative report which shows your whole spectrum of strengths and weaknesses – not just “which Team Role am I?”

We frequently receive enquiries requesting information on the copyright of Belbin materials. In particular, the use of the self-scoring paper Self-Perception Inventory (SPI) originally published in Meredith Belbin’s book, Management Teams:  Why They Succeed or Fail (1981). To clarify our position, we own the copyright and do not allow this questionnaire to be reproduced in any form. Individuals may have purchased the book (1st and 2nd editions) and completed the SPI for their own personal development, but any copying/adapting or wider usage is an infringement of copyright. The 3rd edition of Management Teams:  Why They Succeed or Fail does not contain any inventories.

What's wrong with self-scoring?

We do not allow the use of the self-scoring questionnaire. Apart from its reproduction being a breach of our copyright, it is:

  • Obsolete (no Specialist role)
  • Lacking the balance of observer input
  • Not properly normed
  • Does not offer any Team Role advice.

Remember, there is no free Belbin Questionnaire or free Belbin Test. If you are interested in using Belbin legitimately and purchasing Belbin Reports then please click here.

If you are unsure about the testing your organisation is using, or would like further advice, please contact the Belbin office.

We will, and do, take legal action against companies and individuals using unauthorised versions.

To date we have taken action against more than 400 copyright infringements.

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For any queries, please contact us. “



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