What is a BELBIN Individual Report?

A BELBIN Individual Report is the basic building block of the BELBIN framework, as all teams start with bringing individuals together. It is Self-Awareness, in behavioral Team Role language.

Why a BELBIN Individual Report is empowering?

  • It measures is what is observable - Behaviour
  • It uses Observer Assessments. Avoids biases of Self Observation so inherent in psychometric tools relying on selfie scans.
  • It’s simple lingo, enables development conversations focused on parts of oneself that one can flex and adapt.
  • It is a radical departure from Counselling.. that looks behind the reality people experience now, seeking to uncover causes that create it. BELBIN, on the other hand, is focussed on the behaviors in the now, that cause consequent realities in the future.

How BELBIN Individual Report triggers positive transformation?

  • Spotlights one's 'strengths' - as in 'most preferred Team Roles',  and 'allowable weaknesses' as in 'least preferred Team Roles'.
  • Uses an affable language - Eg: In BELBIN we only speak of 'allowable weaknesses' - which are the flip sides of an extreme strength. Such language enables easy internalization, critical to positive change.
  • Highlights gaps in Self Observation and Observer feedback - as pointers to self-reflection and development conversations.
  • Provides personalised guidance - On how to leverage individual behavioral preferences at work, and make the most of Team Role contributions.
  • Arms individuals, managers and colleagues with insights – To identify and make possible the behavioral environment that is most suitable for an individual to thrive.
  • Suggests working styles that may be best suited for every individual team member, in Celebrating Diversity at work

When is it best to use a BELBIN Individual Report?

A BELBIN Individual Report is most helpful when

  • Looking to raise self-awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Building trust and understanding
  • Providing individuals with the information they need to take the next step on their career path
  • Suggesting to a Manager the right kind of work to be assigned - as in delegation - to the individual
  • Selecting someone to join a new or existing team ( When used with a BELBIN Team Report)
  • Making decisions about which individuals to recruit or promote (When used with a BELBIN Job Comparison Report)
  • Resolving conflicts, building productive working relationships... celebrating diversity (When used with a BELBIN Working Relationship Report, or a Team Report, as appropriate)
  • When an individual is seen to be struggling, then a Belbin Individual Report can quickly identify where that individual’s strength and weakness lie.  The report will create value for both the individual and the organization, regardless of whether or not Belbin is planned to be used with the rest of the team.

So, let's make BELBIN happen!

  • Let me begin by downloading a Sample BELBIN Individual Report
  • I want to BELBIN myself / some people in my team / organization. How do I begin?
  • I have a specific situation / need that is not listed here. Contact me.

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