What is a BELBIN GetSet Report?

A BELBIN GetSet Report and Workbook is for the young aged 14 to 19.  This could well be their first look in the mirror, in knowing themselves by their behavioral preferences, and learning to project themselves in a positive way. It is Self-Awareness for the young, in lucid behavioral Team Role language.  It scans 72 behaviors through multiple lenses of self and 4 to 6 friends.  It is quick.  A scan takes less than 20 minutes, and uses the state of the art online software -  BELBIN Interplace.

Why a BELBIN GetSet Report is empowering:

  • It measures is what is observable. 
  • It uses friendly Observer Assessments. When friends hold the mirror, the young see it with interest, and accept with grace. Avoids biases of Self Observation so inherent in psychometric tools relying on selfie scans.   
  • It’s simple lingo, enables conversations focused on parts of oneself that one can showcase, flex and adapt. 
  • It is a radical departure from Counselling that looks behind the reality teens experience now, seeking to uncover causes that create it. BELBIN GetSet, on the other hand, is focussed on behaviors in the now, that cause consequent realities in the future – personal development, academic scores, placement successes et all. 

How BELBIN GetSet Report triggers confidence & wellbeing:

  • Spotlights one's 'strengths' and what they have to offer now and in the future, building their confidence, promoting self-understanding and wellbeing.
  • Uses an affable language - Eg: In BELBIN we only speak of 'allowable weaknesses' - which are the flip sides of an extreme strength. Such language enables easy internalization, critical to positive change.
  • Highlights gaps in Self Observation and Observer feedback - as pointers to self-reflection and development conversations.
  • Provides personalised guidance in a workbook - On how to leverage individual behavioral preferences at school during academic and extra-curricular projects, and make the most of Team Role contributions.
  • Arms individuals, friends, career guidance counsellors, mentors, parents and campus recruiters with insights – To identify and make possible the behavioral environment that is most suitable for an individual to experience holistic development at school, expanding ones portfolio of behaviors, and engaging in meaningful positive conversations around one’s choice of career

When is it best to use a BELBIN GetSet Report?

A BELBIN GetSet Report is most helpful when

  • Looking to improve wellbeing, personal effectiveness and team working, by providing self-awareness  in the young aged 14 – 19.
  • Building trust and understanding, so critical at this age, to draw their best contributions in academic and extra-curricular projects.
  • Showcasing their uniqueness and suitability while applying for an apprenticeship, campus hiring opportunity, or composing a personal statement for university / college applications.
  • Suggesting to a Mentor, Counsellor or Parent, the preferred behavioral contributions of their young ones, thereby helping them make informed academic and career choices that are best suited to the individual.
  • Recruiters engage youngsters in campus placement processes and conversations, supporting both to gain an appreciative perspective of each other.

So, let's make BELBIN happen!

  • Let me begin by downloading a Sample BELBIN GetSet Report
  • I want to BELBIN myself / some people in my team / organization. How do I begin?
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