Team Roles go shopping!

Do we all shop the same way? Some of us window shop. Some of us shop till we drop. The way we shop offers insightful clues into our behavioral preferences. In this series we go around observing shoppers with a BELBIN lens. Enjoy the read!

Do 'complete' shopping experiences leave you 'finished'? Look for a CF!

It takes COordinators to create COllaborative shopping experiences!

To keep ‘IMP’ulsive shopping in check, take an Implementer along!

For well ‘ME’asured shopping experiences.. take Monitor Evaluators along..

Wonder what it would be like to go shopping with a plant? 

‘RI’p-roaring shopping experiences.. Only with Resource Investigators!

Shapers SHape up shopping experiences... Here’s how

One thing you can’t miss about the SPecialist Shopper… The graSP!

TWinkling experiences.. when Team Workers go shopping!


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Step 2


Step 3

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