Here are some handouts that can help you and your team members gain a better understanding of the BELBIN Team Role language

How to use your Belbin Report?

An exercise to work through once an individual has their full Individual report (including Observer Assessments). Aimed to give a better understanding on the contributions made to the team.

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Team Role Summary Descriptions

A one page handout that summarises the strengths and allowable weaknesses for each of the nine Team Roles.

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Team Roles in a Nutshell

A two page handout that explains the theory of Team Roles and introduces the concept of strengths and allowable weaknesses.

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Things to do and not to do

This handout helps an an individual to become a 'good example of the type' by giving advice on things to do, and things to avoid doing, for each Team Role.

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Team Role Circle

This exercise can be used by participants to help understand the Belbin Team Role distribution of their team.

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A little bit me, a little bit you

See how by analysing how individuals work in pairs, more effective and productive working relationships can be formed.

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How To Guides

Belbin Reports can be used whenever you are looking at maximising both individual and team performance in the workplace. Our series of How To Guides will enable you to get the most out of your Reports.


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