BELBIN Reports capture our behavioral preferences, identifying which combination of the Team Roles we exhibit, as individuals and teams. These personalized Reports pin-point strengths and weaknesses, as in helpful and unhelpful clusters of behavior crucial to the success of a team or project. 

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The basic building block is the ‘BELBIN Individual Report’ that identifies which combination of the nine Team Roles an individual exhibits. BELBIN Individual Reports provide enhanced value because of Observer Assessments, wherein other people are invited to share their observations in a quick five-minute online questionnaire. Observer Assessments are valuable, and so they are included for free with every Individual Report.

Once people have their BELBIN Individual Reports, the information can be used to generate Belbin Reports for a Working Relationship between two people, and for Teams of 3 to 15 people.

A BELBIN Job Report helps articulate behavioral contributions that help succeed on the job. Taken together with a BELBIN Individual Report, it helps generate a ‘BELBIN Job Comparison Report’ that assesses suitability of the individual to a particular job. BELBIN Reports offer a proactive approach to predict suitability when selecting teams, assigning people to jobs or jobs to people.

Please note - if you have been using, or have been given, a self-scoring version of the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory, you are not using the authorised version of Belbin. Please check here if you are unsure**.

What is a BELBIN Individual Report?

A BELBIN Individual Report is the basic building block of the BELBIN framework, as all teams start with bringing individuals together. It is Self-Awareness, in behavioral Team Role language.

What is a BELBIN Team Report?

Dr Meredith Belbin’s research showed that high performance teams have the right blend of all the nine Team Roles or behavioral contributions. BELBIN Team Reports serve to predict possible team performance, given the behavioral contributions of its individual members, as revealed in their BELBIN Individual Reports.

What is a BELBIN Working Relationship Report?

Is it possible to foresee the nature of a working relationship between two people, even before such pairs are formalized? What could be the potential risks in getting chalk and cheese together?  On the other hand, what could be the potential benefits of teaming up cheese with bread?

What is a BELBIN Job Report?

Square pegs in round holes are sure to damage the peg, the hole, and the entire mechanism this match is meant to support. First things first. Did the Recruiter know the exact profile of the hole to be filled? A BELBIN Job Report details the behavioral contributions that best serve the job's purpose. In doing so, it tangibilises in advance, the softer specs that often surface when it's too late..

What is a BELBIN Job Comparison Report?

How does a recruiter figure out well in advance, if the new hire will come in like a breath of fresh air, or a bull in a china shop? A BELBIN Job Comparison Report predicts 'suitability'.. the match between the behavioral demands of the job with the behavioral preferences of the prospective recruit.

What is a BELBIN GetSet Report?

A BELBIN GetSet Report and Workbook is for the young aged 14 to 19. This could well be their first look in the mirror, in knowing themselves by their behavioral preferences, and learning to project themselves in a positive way.


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