What is Contribute?

The nine team roles are unique in the way they contribute to a team’s performance. CONTRIBUTE is designed to demonstrate this uniqueness, in a team activity led learning environment. 

Contribute consists of nine different tasks.  They include caption writing, and guiding other members of the team onto a sheep pen. Each exercise corresponds with a Team Role. The players as a team must choose who will perform each task. The task is to collect all nine Team Role awards within a given time.

Contribute helps the players to explore their strengths and weaknesses. What did they do when they realised they had no Completer Finishers and five Shapers?  How will they take this learning back with them to work?

How to use CONTRIBUTE?

A very versatile game, CONTRIBUTE has been used in many ways, including:

  • Helping players understanding their strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing a non-confrontational Team Role language
  • Transforming from an good team into a remarkable team
  • Noticing differences in Team Role behaviour and resolving conflict
  • Enabling newly formed teams to 'hit the ground running'

How long does it take to play CONTRIBUTE? What else?

CONTRIBUTE can be played by 4 to 9 participants, for about an hour.  The feedback and debrief can be as long as necessary.  Before the exercise, it is strongly advised that participants have their BELBIN Individual Reports done, including self perception inventory and observer assessments.

Since the reports play an important part in allocating the nine tasks, itnis important to ensure that each participant has read through their Belbin Individual report in advance.

The Facilitator’s Manual has enough suggestions for observation and feedback to the participants. This makes it easy for the game to be conducted by Team Role rookies, and by BELBIN Accredited professionals. Questions to the participants can include:

  • How were the tasks allocated? Did everyone contribute their Team Role strengths?
  • Did you observe any Team Role gaps? If so, how the team overcame this?
  • How did the team resolve any problems arising from more than one person having a particular Team Role strength?
  • How can this be related to a recent situation faced by the team?
  • Now that everyone has shared their Belbin strengths and weaknesses, would this have changed the recent project outcomes?

CONTRIBUTE helps teams acknowledge and leverage and behavioral diversity within the team. 

Teams playing CONTRIBUTE learn to celebrate differences. So, let’s leverage the power of BELBIN games.  

Let’s make BELBIN happen!

Yes!  I want to know more about BELBIN games.  How can I purchase a CONTRIBUTE game? 

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