Co-operate is a simple and impactful way of getting players to communicate and acknowledge the Team Role contributions of self and others. It comprises of three varied exercises, each of which can be played by 8 participants. Co-operate is most suitable for:

  • Assessment Centres
  • Team building Sessions
  • Ice breakers
  • Helping a team understand how it copes and communicates
  • New team development
  • Management development.. and more

The three interactive team activities in Co-operate help the players understand the importance of effective communication, co-operation, decision making and good team work.

Exercise 1: Team Build

Can a Team achieve its big overall goals, if its members stay glued to their individual priorities? The ‘Team Build’ exercise helps players internalize the importance of sacrificing short term individual goals for the sake of the bigger team goals. Teams learn this as they go about completing a set of shapes on different boards.

Exercise 2: Team Rescue

How does a team get to understand that everyone cannot be involved in everything all the time? As the team gets to strategize the rescue of a ‘rocket’ in a quick operation, they realise the need to listen to other players, and also decide who is to be involved in the rescue.

Exercise 3: Team Write

Each one of us has a unique handwriting. What of eight of us were asked to write or draw simultaneously with a single pen? Fun? Of course.. and a lot more of learning!

Giving Feedback

Every activity in CO-OPERATE provides ample opportunity to experience different aspects of team behavior. The game evokes self-observation, observing others behaviors, and acknowledging their contribution and the lack of it. Each of the activities draws attention to a different aspect of team dynamics, providing plenty of opportunities for observation and feedback.. making them ideal team building activities.


Each activity requires 4 to 8 players. The three activities can be run at the same time with three different teams, meaning 24 people can play at a time. It takes 20 minutes to complete one activity. This can be followed by feedback and debrief time as required.

COOPERATE helps teams internalize the BELBIN language and appreciate one’s own and others contributions, enabling members to practice complementarity. 

Teams playing CO-OPERATE bond better.  So, let’s leverage the power of BELBIN games.  

Let’s make BELBIN happen!


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