What is a BELBIN Working Relationship Report?

Is it possible to foresee the nature of a working relationship between two people, even before such pairs are formalized? What could be the potential risks in getting chalk and cheese together?  On the other hand, what could be the potential benefits of teaming up cheese with bread?

The answers are obvious.  Yet, today’s workplace struggles with people in reporting and peer relationships, who just cannot get along. And the negative consequences are enormous.

A BELBIN Working Relationship Report is key to getting a sneak peek into the climate or chemistry that two people are likely to experience when they come together at work.

Why a BELBIN Working Relationship Report?

Every working relationship that hits the ground running does loads of good … inspiring its people and the Organization at large to go for more.  

Here’s where a BELBIN Working Relationship Report helps:

  • Ensures both sides understand each other’s strengths and allowable weaknesses, and discover how they can complement each other.. not just collaborate.
  • Spots potential land mines in a relationship, and prevents them in time, or prepares concerned individuals to cope with them in the interest of larger goals
  • Allows the sponsors of the relationship enough notice, to provide adequate support to the people involved
  • Avoids unpleasant surprises to both people involved and the ecosystem around them.

When should I make a BELBIN Working Relationship Report?

Whenever two people have to or have come together at work. The situations include:

  • Ideally, before they are assigned to work together – in internal or external recruitment – and – in forming task forces, cross functional teams.
  • Certainly when two people are having issues in getting along at work
  • When there are early warning signs of performance being adversely impacted between two people
  • For resolving conflicts
  • In helping CEOs / C Level / mid-level leaders put their best foot forward in making the most of their working relationships with each team member, peer, and associate.
  • Designing personal / leadership development initiatives

 So, let's make BELBIN happen!

  • Let me begin by downloading a Sample BELBIN Working Relationship Report
  • I want to BELBIN my / a / some working relationships between two peers / subordinate - boss / team members. How do I begin?
  • I have a specific situation / need that is not listed here. Contact me.

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What is a BELBIN Individual Report?

A BELBIN Individual Report is the basic building block of the BELBIN framework, as all teams start with bringing individuals together. It is Self-Awareness, in behavioral Team Role language.

What is a BELBIN Team Report?

Dr Meredith Belbin’s research showed that high performance teams have the right blend of all the nine Team Roles or behavioral contributions. BELBIN Team Reports serve to predict possible team performance, given the behavioral contributions of its individual members, as revealed in their BELBIN Individual Reports.

What is a BELBIN Job Report?

Square pegs in round holes are sure to damage the peg, the hole, and the entire mechanism this match is meant to support. First things first. Did the Recruiter know the exact profile of the hole to be filled? A BELBIN Job Report details the behavioral contributions that best serve the job's purpose. In doing so, it tangibilises in advance, the softer specs that often surface when it's too late..

What is a BELBIN Job Comparison Report?

How does a recruiter figure out well in advance, if the new hire will come in like a breath of fresh air, or a bull in a china shop? A BELBIN Job Comparison Report predicts 'suitability'.. the match between the behavioral demands of the job with the behavioral preferences of the prospective recruit.

What is a BELBIN GetSet Report?

A BELBIN GetSet Report and Workbook is for the young aged 14 to 19. This could well be their first look in the mirror, in knowing themselves by their behavioral preferences, and learning to project themselves in a positive way.

Make BELBIN Happen

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BELBIN is the gold standard in building high performing teams. The BELBIN Accreditation Open Course provides an opportunity for participants to learn the BELBIN language and methodology in a structured rigorous way, in cohorts of learners from diverse industries...

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Customised Solutions in transforming performance of people and teams, leveraging the power of Belbin Team Role Methodology.. Specially crafted for Clients by CERT India

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There are a range of books available to complement your understanding and practical application of Belbin Team Roles.

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