Teamwork begins with discovering how teams work

Team building is not just a days outing, engaging in group activity, cheering up.  When teams get back to work experiencing the same old behaviors, teamwork remains a distant dream.  BELBIN speaking Teams are an exception.  Because, in a BELBIN Team, everyone knows their behavioral preferences as individuals and as a team.  They know how they can leverage behavioral diversity... to go beyond collaborating to complementing each other.  And their sponsors know it even before the team is formed!  Much like how an expert chef knows how to blend diverse diverse elements to make a perfect salad!  That's the power of a BELBIN Team Report. 

Scroll down this page to download a free sample BELBIN Team Report.  To ask for having yourself and your teams Belbin'ed, leave your contact details here. Let's transform performance of your people and teams. Let's make BELBIN happen!

What is a BELBIN Team Report?

Dr Meredith Belbin’s research showed that high performance teams have the right blend of all the nine Team Roles or behavioral contributions.  Imagine, for instance, a team full of creative people rich in ideas, and none of them strong in execution. Outcome? Performance will suffer.

Does that mean an ideal team needs nine people, each with one different dominant team role? No, that wouldn’t be necessary at all, because each team member can play more than one team role.

A BELBIN Team Report scans individual behaviors of team members and puts together their strengths and allowable weaknesses to predict the climate or chemistry the team will potentially experience.

The starting point is to have the BELBIN Individual Report done for all members in the team. The individual reports can then be processed together on the BELBIN Interplace System to generate a BELBIN Team Report.

Why a BELBIN Team Report?

  • A collection of high performing individuals doesn’t always make a high performing team. A BELBIN Team Report can pinpoint why… even before the team is formed.
  • Team Managers can find valuable insights that will help them flex and adapt their own leadership style, in steering the team, to maximize and synergise team role contributions of members.
  • Team Members know who in the team is strong in areas where one may be weak. This fosters complementarity and respect for diversity, accelerating individual and team productivity.

When should I make a BELBIN Team Report?

A BELBIN Team Report can help you manage the following situations to best advantage:

  • You are selecting members for a new team.
  • You are inducting new members into an existing team
  • You are having issues within a team that need to be resolved
  • You want to raise the bar on team performance
  • You want members of a team to complement one another, to jell, to respect others’ strengths and celebrate behavioral diversity

So, let's make BELBIN happen!

  • Let me begin by downloading a Sample BELBIN Team Report
  • I want to BELBIN my team / another team / teams in my organization. How do I begin?
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What is a BELBIN Individual Report?

A BELBIN Individual Report is the basic building block of the BELBIN framework, as all teams start with bringing individuals together. It is Self-Awareness, in behavioral Team Role language.

What is a BELBIN Working Relationship Report?

Is it possible to foresee the nature of a working relationship between two people, even before such pairs are formalized? What could be the potential risks in getting chalk and cheese together?  On the other hand, what could be the potential benefits of teaming up cheese with bread?

What is a BELBIN Job Report?

Square pegs in round holes are sure to damage the peg, the hole, and the entire mechanism this match is meant to support. First things first. Did the Recruiter know the exact profile of the hole to be filled? A BELBIN Job Report details the behavioral contributions that best serve the job's purpose. In doing so, it tangibilises in advance, the softer specs that often surface when it's too late..

What is a BELBIN Job Comparison Report?

How does a recruiter figure out well in advance, if the new hire will come in like a breath of fresh air, or a bull in a china shop? A BELBIN Job Comparison Report predicts 'suitability'.. the match between the behavioral demands of the job with the behavioral preferences of the prospective recruit.

What is a BELBIN GetSet Report?

A BELBIN GetSet Report and Workbook is for the young aged 14 to 19. This could well be their first look in the mirror, in knowing themselves by their behavioral preferences, and learning to project themselves in a positive way.

Make BELBIN Happen

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BELBIN is the gold standard in building high performing teams. The BELBIN Accreditation Open Course provides an opportunity for participants to learn the BELBIN language and methodology in a structured rigorous way, in cohorts of learners from diverse industries...

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There are a range of books available to complement your understanding and practical application of Belbin Team Roles.

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