BELBIN GetSet for the young  |  In-School Course

Why this course?

Help the young understand and use their BELBIN GetSet Report and Workbook, to advantage in academic, extra-curricular and career pursuits.  

Who is it meant for?

Youngsters aged 14 – 19 at school, who have done their BELBIN GetSet Reports, and their in-school Mentors / Soft Skill Personality Trainers / Career Counsellors. 

Learning outcomes

  1. What is BELBIN GetSet? Scope –vs- Suitability?
  2. Understand and interpret BELBIN GetSet Reports and how to use the GetSet Workbook
  3. Use these insights to leverage the GetSet Workbook to advantage, in improving one’s wellbeing and projecting oneself positively

Course Content & Path

Day One:  Instructor Led Class Room - Face to Face:

The nine BELBIN Team Roles – The lingo, framework & methodology

Internalising one’s own BELBIN GetSet Report, specifically its pointers to personal effectiveness 

Reflect upon gaps in Self-Observation and Observer Assessment

Experiencing how Team Roles interact with each other in a classroom setting

Case Studies, Discussions, Games that help self-confidence and personal wellbeing


30 Day Project Charter to practice the new learning

Day 15: Project Review - Online

2 Hours Online combined review of individual Project progress

Day 30:

Online Submission of Project Report

Day 40: Concluding Session – Online

Presentation of Two best projects of this cohort – 10 Minutes X 2

FAQs basis Project Reports – 40 Minutes



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Step 3

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