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Why CERT India?

6 reasons why you should choose CERT India to transform performance of your people and teams:

  • Unmatched Experience: More than 10 Years of partnership with Belbin in India | Consultants with 10 to 20 years of experience before coming to CERT India | Training & Consulting experience across industries & geographies.
  • Unmatched Expertise: Over 180 accreditations by CERT India | A large number of Professionals trained on Belbin Team Role Methodology | Rigorous learning of Belbin concepts and applications directly from Dr. Meredith Belbin | Stringent standards for certification of internal consultants ensuring highest quality of training and consulting.
  • Unmatched training concept, construct, design & delivery: The power of Belbin Methodology | Global know-how sharing | Innovative customized design & delivery | Rigor in training for Belbin appreciation, application and accreditation.
  • Unmatched Post Work Support: Tools to trigger implementation | Implementation Review and Support Meetings | Tele - support | Performance Consulting Expertise
  • Unmatched Customer Engagement: Driven by our CREED Values | Deeper interactions | Leadership team involvement | Demonstrated expertise to add value
  • Unmatched Back-end Support: Long tenure with CERT India | Quality in the genes | Expertise to support Customer Staff in using Interplace Software

When you choose CERT India you choose Belbin - The Gold Standard method to discovering your behavioral contributions at work, and to leverage the power of teams in transforming performance of your Organization. Nobody is perfect but a team can be.

Read on or contact us to have a Belbin Accredited CERT India Consultant call you back on how we can partner with you in transforming the performance of individuals and teams in your workplace, in ways that are sustainable and enduring.

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