BELBIN leverages behavioral diversity, in transforming performance of people and teams at work.  BELBIN helps predict behavior, foster complimentarity not just collaboration, and nurture effective behavioral contributions in the workplace.. whether fledgeling start-ups or large enterprises.
Wherever people are at work, BELBIN works to transform performance. In celebrating behavioral diversity, BELBIN raises the bar on effectiveness of individuals and working relationships. 
High Performing Teams speak BELBIN @ work.  

  1. A new recruit is likely to 'fit-in' ?
  2. A selection of people will make a 'high performing team' ?
  3. A reporting or working relationship will 'gel' ?

With BELBIN you don't have to wait with fingers crossed to figure-out if an external recruitment or internal team selection decision will fire or fizzle..  After all, in today's fast paced VUCA world, who has the time to wait for Teams to Form, Storm and Norm, before moving on to Perform?      

For people already in teams, in working relationships with peers and bosses, and individuals, BELBIN is about celebrating diversity in behaviors, towards better synergy and path breaking performance.

Brain child of Dr Meredith Belbin, the BELBIN Team Role Methodology is the gold standard in leveraging behavioral contributions at work, for more than three decades.


BELBIN measures behaviour @ work, does not have psychometric properties. Talks to that part of me that can adapt.

Impact comes from behavior, not from the influencers of Behavior.

We all bring our individual competence to our Functional Roles.. our education, our skills, our willingness. However, the interpersonal chemistry we generate through our day-to-day behavior drives our effectiveness as persons, and as team members, determining the degree to which we succeed. 

BELBIN Team Roles are the language of behavior at work. Through a deft blend of self observation and observer assessment, BELBIN holds the mirror to ones preferences in workplace behavior. In doing so, BELBIN holds the key to transforming performance of people and teams at work.


Do you find yourself in any of the following situations at work?

  1.  1 You have performance issues with a competent person
  2.  2 You have a someone whose behaviors are a matter of concern
  3.  3 You have two people who have performance or behavior issues between them
  4.  4 One or more Teams that struggle to perform in general, or with a specific project in particular
  5.  5 You are selecting a Team for a project, and want to get it right the first time
  6.  6 You want an existing Team to scale up to larger challenges
  7.  7 You want to evaluate readiness of some individuals for superior or different roles, as part of internal or external recruitment, career or leadership development

Though not exhaustive, the above list serves to indicate workplace situations where behavioral preferences of stakeholders influence outcomes.

BELBIN is the instrument of choice for People Professionals and Business / Project Leaders who want to get better at swinging sustainable transformation in individual and team performance.

Given advances in technology, Organizations delayering to matrix structures, the varying preferences of generations at work, and the ever moving needle on sustainable value creation, the future belongs to workplaces that foster a culture of innovation, leadership, collaboration and flawless execution across colocated and virtual teams.


BELBIN measures and predicts workplace behavior, to transform performance of people and teams, providing opportunities in four distinct clusters:

1. Create Self Awareness to enhance Personal Effectiveness

2. Transform Leadership & Team Performance. Enable interpersonal effectiveness, collaboration & complementarity

3. Measure and predict 'suitability' - The first step to career success and people engagement

4. Help the young make confident campus and career choices, towards building a healthier workplace for tomorrow  


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

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